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Customized Bespoke Furniture for Workshop machines

This table is dedicated for specific types of existing machines in workshop. The FUNCTIONALITY is our PRIMARY THOUGHT. We measure, we draw plans, we decide concepts and design furniture for each existing tool.
We respect every step in interior design to be able to face every problem.

WORK TABLE designed for two Knitting machines, Sewing machine, its accessories and storage.
“FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION”…to quote Louis Sullivan (American architect) who described the the industrial design in the 20th century.
MDF material can be beautifully shaped and is accessible for Susan’s budget as well.

I’ve just looked for the full quote of LOUIS SULLIVAN:
“It is the pervading law of all things organic and inorganic,
Of all things physical and metaphysical,
Of all things human and all things super-human,
Of all true manifestations of the head,
Of the heart, of the soul,
That the life is recognizable in its expression,
That FORM EVER FOLLOWS FUNCTION. This is the law.”

Enchanted Space - Enchanted Space prides itself in being able to find bespoke solutions to any design problem. We have extensive experience to help you achieve your vision.

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